Beautiful and practical

Our shutters add beauty and elegance to any window or door. They enhance any decor from contemporary to neo-classic, in a city or a country home.

Shutters aren't just beautiful, they're also practical. They're energy efficient, insulating against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They offer privacy and light control, and never have to be sent to the cleaners!

Top-quality materials and construction

Our custom shutters and bi-fold doors are made from top-quality basswood or incense cedar. These woods are durable, with excellent dimensional stability, the perfect materials for moveable louvered shutters. All our shutter rails are doweled and glued to the stiles for a trouble-free life. The stiles feature rabbeted edges to minimize light between shutter panels. Our stain-grade shutters receive special attention, with the wood hand selected for uniformity of color.

In cases where a homeowner wants to match an existing wood surface, in cabinetry, wall paneling, detailing, or furniture, we offer shutters fabricated from specific woods. We've completed projects with shutters in cherry, vertical grain fir, oak, knotty alder, and more. Please consult with us for details.

A choice of sizes, orientation, and finishes

Shutters are available with different blade widths, from 1-1/4 inches through 4-1/2 inches. Plus, the pivoting blades can be oriented horizontally or vertically, which allows you to control lighting and view in different ways.

We offer a range of high-quality finishes: colored lacquer, natural wood with clear lacquer, or stained wood with clear lacquer. We can custom match colors and stains to harmonize your shutters with your interior palette. Some customers even ask us to match specific pieces of furniture. Not a problem!

For colored shutters, we seal, prime, and hand sand them, before applying three coats of lacquer. For stained finishes, we first use a sealer to adjust the absorbency of the wood, apply an oil stain and a clear coat, hand sand the surface to even it out, then complete the process with a final clear coat.

Read more details about our work process.

Our most popular shutters

Our best-selling shutters are the traditional, with narrow blades. Also popular are shutters with wider blades, commonly referred to as plantation shutters, because of their traditional use in subtropical and tropical climates.