The Shutter Shop advantage

Creating and installing custom shutters in your home is something we take very seriously. We work precisely, step by step, to make sure the results are everything you hope they will be.

So you have an idea of the process, let's walk through a typical project.

Consultation and planning

How your project begins is critical and affects the quality of the results. Shutters can be configured, installed, and used in different ways, and we make sure you understand all your options and their advantages and possible drawbacks. We do this through initial conversations and consultations with you, leading to a home visit, in which we take detailed measurements and evaluate the suitability of various shutter configurations. We identify all the variables: blade width, sizes and quantities of shutter panels, mounting configuration, finishes, special installation conditions, etc. We get back to you with a complete estimate and plan for the work.

Our estimates are free, and we include a free home visit within the Greater Seattle area. If we need to travel farther, say to Tacoma or Bellingham, we charge a fee for the additional time and transportation. Read more details about our estimating process.

Fabricating and adjusting the shutter panels

After we've defined all the dimensions of your shutter panels and you decide to proceed, we have the shutters custom fabricated, then we fine tune them in our shop to fit the mounting configuration. Typically, we either fit the shutter panels to the inside of your window or door opening, or we mount them inside a custom frame that we build around the opening.

Adjusting the shutters is the critical step that makes all the difference between shutters that look OK and those that look great. It takes years of experience to know just how to modify the panels, without it being noticeable, to compensate for the slightly out-of-square openings typical in most homes, especially older structures.

Finishing the shutter panels

We carefully finish your shutters in our shop facilities. You can select from a wide range of high-quality finishes: colored lacquer, natural wood with clear lacquer, or stained wood with clear lacquer. We can custom match colors and stains to harmonize your shutters with your interior palette, and we can control the level of shine in the finish. Some customers even ask us to match specific pieces of furniture. Not a problem!

For colored shutters, we seal, prime, and hand sand them, before applying three coats of lacquer. For stained finishes, we first use a sealer to adjust the absorbency of the wood, apply an oil stain and a clear coat, hand sand the surface to even it out, then complete the process with a final clear coat.


Because of all our careful planning and preparation, this last phase almost always happens smoothly. Before we show up, we verify the shutter panels and hardware. In certain situations there may be minor irregularities in a window opening that need to be compensated for on site. If so, we'll make fine adjustments to the panels during installation and perform some touch-up finishing. What you'll never see us do is show up with shutters that fit approximately and then adjust problems with shims, spacers, and molding.

The result? Your shutters look and operate like a well crafted piece of furniture, with tight tolerances and minimal light showing between panels. All hinged panels swing smoothly, opening and closing with ease. The color or stain finish match what you had in mind. In sum, the shutters look like they belong in the space, as though they'd been designed, crafted, and installed when the house was built. You are now the proud owner of heirloom shutters.

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