Complete estimates

Our estimating process is more complex than for standard window coverings. We offer a specialized service for customizing and installing shutters. We don't sell off-the-shelf units.

So it's difficult for us to give you a complete, reliable estimate unless we have complete information. We typically finalize the price of your project after we visit your home, take measurements, and discuss with you in detail what you expect.

Our estimates are free, and we include a free home visit within the Greater Seattle area. If we need to travel farther, say to Tacoma or Bellingham, we charge a fee for the additional time and transportation.

That said, many of our customers prefer getting a preliminary estimate before making an appointment for a home visit.

Preliminary estimates

For a preliminary cost estimate, please call or email us. Here is a list of the basic information we'll need. If you need help to understand the available options or take measurements, don't hesitate to call us.

Type of opening: window, doorway, skylight.

Opening shape and size (rounded up to the nearest inch).

Number of shutter panels (across the opening).

Width of shutter blade: the most commonly used are 1-1/4 inches, 2-1/2 inches, and 3-1/2 inches. Blades 1-7/8 and 4-1/2 inches wide are also available. View shutter photos. (Note: unless you tell us otherwise, we will price horizontal shutter blades, the default configuration. Special options include vertical blades, or open-frame shutters to accommodate fabric, stained glass inserts, or flat or raised panels to match cabinetry.)

Type of finish: standard paint color or stain, or custom paint or stain matching.

We'll provide you with a price range you can use for budgeting. If you decide to continue with the project, we'll schedule a home visit and review with you in detail all of your options. You may discover possibilities you didn't even consider. For more information about our work process, continue reading.